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Surrounded by a universe of azure water in its all but forgotten corner of the western Indian Ocean, the Seychelles Islands, more than ever offer all the ingredients of a once-in-a-lifetime vacation and an opportunity to savour all the elements of a unique island-style way of living.

The breathtaking natural beauty of the Seychelles Islands, still refreshingly untouched since the dawn of Time, is legendary and has attracted visitors down the centuries who have made the pilgrimage to this wonderful sanctuary of Nature to enjoy the amazing diversity and tranquillity it offers.

This sublime cuisine which has evolved from the refined culinary traditions of the first French settlers to encompass those of later Chinese, Indian and other European immigrants is a must for all visitors in search of the truly exotic cuisine. Villa fare features such dishes as BBQ’d fish straight from the ocean, octopus curry prepared in coconut milk, smoked fish & mango salad and so many other delights. We also serve dinner on request with European and Asian specialities.

For our clients’ further convenience and comfort, hairdressing, beauty therapy, meals and in-room massage are all available on demand while car rental packages, airport transfers and a variety of excursions can easily be arranged, either when making your reservation or at any time at the villa reception. The villa also has an internet facility.

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